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service - imppartnrs

School Improvement Partners


Your School Improvement Colleague will visit your school on an agreed basis, normally every half term, to provide bespoke challenge and support to senior leaders, middle leaders and governors. This has been proven to help drive accurate and robust self-evaluation and improve the overall quality of education.


Each half termly visit will have an agreed focus and range of activities specific to meet your brief, such as learning walks, work scrutiny, leadership meetings, curriculum scrutiny and discussion with pupils.


Each visit will last for the full school day and conclude with detailed verbal feedback presented to the Head Teacher / Principal, and any others required, at the end of the day.


Details of the visit with specific recommendations for action will then follow, so that leaders/governors have a record of the external monitoring.


This service can be adapted for a single visit each term if preferred.

service - cpd

Training / CPD

Your staff can access The White Rose Trust CPD package.


Colleagues would have access to twenty-four WRAT CPD sessions across the eight identified programmes:

  • Vulnerable Groups

  • Aspiring Leaders

  • Leadership Development

  • Innovation

  • Teaching and Learning

  • English

  • Maths

  • Science


We can also offer bespoke Training and CPD for your school and staff, which will be delivered by one of our CPD experts.

service - marketing



The White Rose Academies Trust can offer the support and direction of our central Communications and Projects team, who are responsible for internal and external promotions, Trust and Academy websites, media relations, corporate branding, digital communications, videography and extensive advertising and marketing campaigns, including a media planning and buying service.


The WRAT marketing team offer a bespoke package of support which can cover a range of areas such as:

  • Your Vision

  • Web Presence

  • External Communications

  • Recruitment

  • Media Liaisons

  • Design and Visual Identity

  • Social Media Engagement

  • Media Planning and Buying

  • Set up an Alumni program for the school



Additionally, The White Rose Academies Trust can offer support around Project Management, led by our Head of Communications and Projects.

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