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Staff Support Networks

The White Rose Academies Trust is a highly ambitious organisation that serves the great city of Leeds, situated in the beautiful county of Yorkshire. We are proud members of the following schemes and services that we facilitate and offer to all our employees.

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MINDFUL EMPLOYER is led by employers and is for employers.


It's about increasing awareness of mental health, helping you deliver your business, providing support networks and information, and making it healthier to talk about mental health.


Staff Wellbeing Representatives are employees who have chosen to support the aims of improving the wellbeing of their fellow colleagues as part of the Trust wellbeing initiatives.


Staff Wellbeing Representatives will:

  • Attend relevant training.

  • Attend meetings and provide feedback to the Staff Wellbeing team.

  • Develop and share knowledge of staff support services across the Trust and advise and direct colleagues to these services where appropriate.

  • Promote a healthy culture of wellbeing in the workplace.

  • Identify positive change which has occurred in own area in order to share best practice with colleagues.

  • Encourage discussions on wellbeing and promote working with wellbeing in mind.

  • Contribute to developing a staff wellbeing portal.

  • Network across the Trust and be available, where possible, to provide support for colleagues.


Please note that you are welcome to speak to ANY member of the Wellbeing team across the Trust.

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