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dev school reviews

Reviews and Audits

Developmental School Reviews


The number of WRAT staff deployed is dependent on the requirements of the host school / academy.


Once the visits are scheduled, our lead member of staff will spend a day preparing for the review and contact you regarding what the review will entail. This will enable them to analyse the school’s self-evaluation documentation, latest Ofsted report, school website and published results data.


Once in school, a series of activities will take place, such as learning walks, work scrutiny, leadership meetings, document scrutiny, pupil discussion and feedback.


At the end of each visit, verbal feedback will be given to the Head Teacher/Principal and others as required. A report will be provided at the end of the review with recommendations.

dev focusses reviews

Developmental Focussed Reviews

The WRAT will offer focused reviews of specific areas of your school. These can include areas such as:

  • Teaching and Learning

  • PDBW

  • Subject Specific

  • Pupil Premium


The number of WRAT staff deployed and the time allocated is dependent on the requirement of its leaders. A report will be provided at the end of the review with recommendations.

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pre ofsted

Pre Ofsted Support


These specific services entail work to support you pre-Ofsted and include middle leader and governor training, school development reviews, website compliance checks, and briefings on the Ofsted framework for your staff.


Our services are designed to suit your needs, so whether you are a governor, subject leader or part of the senior leadership team, we can provide you with that additional, external perspective.


Safeguarding Audits

Our site visit can entail an extended day or be split over two days to suit your school’s needs and will include discussions with appropriate staff, leaders and governors.


We will conduct a comprehensive check of the Single Central Record, policies, curriculum, personnel and training records, safeguarding procedures and practice, and leadership evaluations, comparing them against recommended good or better practice. This will enable an accurate assessment of the effectiveness of safeguarding in your school


At the end of the day, we will offer detailed verbal feedback on our key findings.

website complience

Website Compliance Checks


Over 75% of school websites are not fully compliant with current legislation. Is yours?


A detailed analysis of your website’s content will be conducted off-site by one of our website compliance specialists, usually within five days of being notified that your site is ready for review.


We will provide a report on the compliance of your website, with clear pointers on how to improve it where necessary.


We can then arrange, if needed, to re-check your website after you have made our recommended amendments.

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