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White Rose Alumni Stories - Megan

Updated: May 6, 2021

“If I hadn’t attended Leeds West Academy, I would have never found my love for computer science”

Megan Suckling talks about her time at Leeds West Academy and about how she is gaining experience at PwC and working towards a career in cyber security.

“I left Leeds West Academy in 2018 to study computer science, mathematics and further mathematics at Elliott Hudson College.

“During my time in high school, I have many fond memories. My favourite subjects were maths and geography, and my favourite teacher was definitely Ms Smith, and she still is classed as my favourite teacher of all time!

“She is the loveliest, more supportive teacher. One of my fondest memories of her was in geography class, when she had to tell us off for talking but then felt so bad that she went around the room and apologised to each of us individually!

“I am currently a technology degree apprentice at PwC, where I am working towards a fully funded degree in Computer Science at the University of Leeds, alongside having work placements at the company and a graduate job if I choose to take it at the end of my university journey.

“My favourite part of this sector is the work surrounding cyber security, and I hope to progress in this career at either PwC, Google or Mi5.

“At university, I have joined many societies. This includes the netball team and a dance sport team where I have competed in ballroom and Latin against other teams around the UK. I also am working with some charities including ‘sexpressions UK’, who aim to provide an inclusive sexual education to young adults.

“If I hadn’t attended Leeds West Academy, I would have never found my love for computer science so my advice to any current students is to never be afraid to try something new!”




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