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Introducing Our Trust Project Officer

The White Rose Academies Trust are thrilled to introduce Emily Hare as our Trust Student Intern for the next year. Emily will be writing about experiences from her placement; read Emily’s first blog below:

Hi, my name is Emily Hare and I have just finished my second year at Northumbria University, studying Business with Marketing Management. My third year of university includes a one year industrial placement and I have been lucky enough to have interviewed successfully by the White Rose Academies Trust for the role of the Business and Marketing intern. The application process for this role included writing an A4 letter stating why I thought I was suitable for this role and why the Trust should give this opportunity to me. My application led to me being invited for an interview with the Executive Principal and the Project Manager of the Trust. This included a couple of tasks relevant to the role, which was followed by a formal interview.

The White Rose Academies Trust is a growing Trust which currently consists of three academies; Leeds West, Leeds East and Leeds City. Across the academies there are over 3000 students and 400 staff. The Trust has an annual budget of £20 million and owns over £100 million worth of property assets.

I was honoured to be offered the role within the Trust Team as I have a passion for business, but also believe strongly that every child has the right to have the best education possible, something that I know the White Rose Academies Trust also believes. When researching different businesses to do my placement with, this organisation stood out to me the most. The key thing that attracted me was knowing that throughout my year here I will be involved in all different aspects of the business including Finance, marketing, event planning, HR and accountancy. This was an important feature as throughout studying Business with Marketing Management I have been introduced to different areas of business and I am still unaware of which aspect is most suited for me personally. Having the opportunity to work in various departments is something which is hard to find with other companies.

"This placement will help me to put my knowledge gained from lectures and seminars into practice and see which area I am strongest in."

I have been here for over a week now and it is clear to say that every day is different! I have already been introduced to many different areas of the business. I have helped with recruitment processes; from creating the word document for the recruitment advertisements, to reviewing job applications, helping with event organising for the Trust ‘End of Year Reflection Evening’ including looking at venues and decorations for the night. I have also had the opportunity to sit in highly important business meetings with the Principals from all three academies and the Executive Principal of the Trust, which I found extremely interesting; it made me aware of how good business ideas are created. The highlight of this week is finding out that the White Rose Academies Trust are offering me the opportunity to do a Project Management course as part of my internship with them which I am extremely excited about. Not only will I finish my placement with new skills and knowledge of the business environment but a Project Management professional qualification. It is my first week here and I have already learnt so much and I already can’t wait to see what next week holds.



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