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Our Apprentice Blogs: Meet Kavita

The White Rose Academies Trust are excited to introduce Kavita Panesar as Leeds City Academy's Business Admin Apprentice. Kavita will be writing about experiences from working at Leeds City Academy within the Admin team; read Kavita's first blog below:

My name is Kavita Kaur Panesar and I work for Leeds City Academy as a Business Administration Apprentice. I have been working here since April 2019, and I really enjoy it. When I applied for the role to work in a secondary school I was nervous, as I did not know what it would be like. However, everyone I met during my first week at Leeds City Academy was very warm and welcoming.

Leeds City Academy is a truly unique and inspirational school.

I have been involved in many different tasks and projects in Leeds City Academy, so my role varies for example I work with the SEN/EAL department one day per week. Within 6 months of working for Leeds City Academy, my skills and communication have improved and I am developing different skills each day. I have meet a lot of new colleagues within the academy and colleagues who work in the Trust too. I have also had the chance to experience staff briefings in the mornings, which has helped me understand the immense effort all staff put in day to day.

Some days, I work at main reception and student reception which are both very different. Main Reception I speak with visitors, parents and new students who come into the school. When working at Student Reception I speak with students and take phone calls from parents.

"I have been involved in many different tasks and projects in Leeds City Academy, so my role is very varied!"

Over the past six months, I have been able to attend meetings with the other apprentices that work within the Trust. This is very beneficial as it is nice to get to know them and discuss our different roles. In the sessions, we talk about the different skills we are developing and share our experiences with each other.

I have really enjoyed working here for the past 6 months; I cannot wait to see what the future holds.



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