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The First Week Back

The first half term has passed and not many of you may know that it was my first half-term in teaching. I have already learnt so much from my wonderful colleagues and my lovely, lovely students.

I won’t lie and say it hasn’t been challenging, but there are far more highs than lows and it is a truly wonderful community to be part of.

However, the holidays have just flown by and now it’s time for half term 2. Whilst the first few weeks have been filled with invaluable assessments and feedback lessons, there are some fantastic topics to learn this term in History.

My particular favourite is the Women’s Right topic our delightful Year 8s will be studying. I feel like this topic is even more important to study as we are coming up to the 100th anniversary of women being given the right to vote; an achievement I hope to celebrate both inside and out of my history lessons.

This half term has already started on a high (I know you’ve missed me but the compliments I’ve received this week have been both esteem and ego inflating!) and I’m sure it will continue...



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