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Katarzyna Lukasiewicz

Katarzyna joined the trust as Finance Assistant in November 2022.

Kat moved to the UK from Krakow, Poland in 2005 and lives with her 12-year-old daughter who is a talented ballerina and a student at the prestigious Academy of Northern Ballet in Leeds.

When Kat left Poland, she was in the middle of studying for her BA Hons in Managing International Tourism, which she successfully completed in the UK.

Kat then went on to study for a Post Graduate Degree in Marketing at Leeds Metropolitan University, which she successfully completed in 2008.

Since 2009, most of Kat’s employment has included working in various settings as a Teaching Assistant, a role which, as a single parent, allowed her to balance childcare requirements for her then very young daughter. Duties included assisting in language departments and supporting with SEND students.

Katarzyna’s main passion outside work is supporting her daughter with her ballet, customising her dance costumes, watching her dancing and visiting the theatre to watch musicals and other performances and shows.


Along with her daughter, Kat lives with her big, fat, black, lazy cat.

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