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+0.26   +0.01   +0.14
This year, the remarkable Progress 8 scores of each of our Academies speak for themselves.


Following a rapid improvement programme across Leeds East Academy, Leeds City Academy and Leeds West Academy, the young people in our care are now benefiting from a greatly enhanced education.


New leadership, exceptional teaching and cutting-edge facilities equip our students

with the unique skills and personal confidence to fully meet their aspirations and potential.


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Leeds East Academy - a leap of +1.00


"The most improved school in Yorkshire; the 4th most improved nationally!"


With a Progress 8 score of -0.74 in 2015-16 to +0.26 in 2016-17, Leeds East Academy is
one of the most improved schools in the country.


"I couldn't be happier for our students, staff and local community. We averaged one grade better in every subject by every child this year. We achieved this with high-quality, first wave teaching and a focus on every child. I am delighted for our young people, who leave us with the best possible outcomes for their future." - Principal Chris Stokes



  • The number of 9 / A* / A grades increased this year by 32%.

  • The percentage of students achieving a C+ grade in a modern foreign language increased from 24% to 88%.

  • 100% A*-C achieved in Travel & Tourism, Performing Arts and Sport.

  • 75%+ A*-C in Chemistry, Physics, Art, Dance, Graphics, Photography, RE, Sociology and Health and Social Care.

  • The gap between Dis & Non-Dis students as well as boys and girls closed significantly.

  • Students across all groups performed at least 3 attainment 8 points better this year than in 15/16




Leeds City Academy - a jump of +0.50
"The 4th most improved school in Leeds."


With a Progress 8 score of -0.38 in 2015-16 to +0.14 in 2016-17, Leeds City Academy is
radically changing the future prospects of every child in the area, offering its best ever GCSE results.



"Our students have achieved some remarkable results this summer and this is testament to their dedication to their studies. I am hugely proud of the staff and students at Leeds City Academy, because their persistent efforts to raise standards through inspirational teaching and leadership is truly investing in the future prospects of our young people. Results this summer prove that fantastic teachers do make a difference to children’s lives.” - Principal Jackie Rose


  • Despite a very low APS on entry score (17.9 average, 23.9 Progress 8 cohort) results rose significantly.

  • English (47%) and Mathematics (55%) 4+ (old C) results have reached the highest levels in the history of the Academy.

  • Basics 4+ exceeded floor standards for the first time in the history of the Academy, reaching 41%.

  • Higher ability learners achieved results in line with national data and lower ability learners exceeded national data quite significantly.

  • Our disadvantaged students achieved results in line with their non- disadvantaged peers, closing the gap to almost nothing.

  • The Academy achieved 77 A / A* or equivalent grades not including ECDL. This is the highest number in its history.

  • Results rose in English by 18%, Maths by 4%, Science by 19% and History by 36%.




Leeds West Academy - an upturn of +0.38
"The 2nd most improved school in the West of Leeds."


With a Progress 8 score of -0.37 in 2015-16 to +0.01 in 2016-17, Leeds West Academy is
thriving under new leadership and offering exceptional outcomes at GCSE and A Level.



""Our students have achieved on average one grade higher than in 2016, with our average grade moving from a D, to a C.  Overall, the number of the top A*-A grades has improved by almost 5% and we have seen improvement in 20 subject areas, whose grades have improved at A*-A and A*-C thresholds.  We are clearly pleased with these improvements, but will not be satisfied until we are amongst the highest achieving academies in the country." - Principal Christian Wilcocks


  • The Average Total Point Score based on each student’s best 8 subjects has improved.  This is reflected in an improvement in the average grade per student of C-.  This has improved from an average grade of a D+ in 2016.  

  • The proportion of students leaving with at least one qualification has improved compared with 2016 (99.5% compared with 97.9% in 2016). This represents a three-year positive trend in this measure (96.4% in 2015). 

  • Overall, the % of grades at A*-A has improved by almost 5% (18.4% compared with 13.6% in 2016). 

  • In 20 of the 36 comparable subjects, there has been an improvement in attainment at A*-A Grade. Most significant improvement (more than 10% improvement) has been achieved in Biology, Business, Textiles, Drama, Geography, History, Music, Performing Arts, PE (BTEC and GCSE), Physics, RE and Spanish. 

  • In 18 out of the 36 comparable subjects, there has been an improvement in attainment at A*-C grade.  Most notable improvements (greater than 10%) include Business, Technology (Construction, Resistant Materials, Textiles, Product Design), Drama, Dance, RE, PE (GCSE), Geography and Music (VCERT). Maths and English Language improved from the previous year. 

  • The Academy NEET figure released in October is 0.45%.  This means 99.55% of our Year 11 leavers are engaged in education or employment with training.  1 remaining student is being supported to secure an education or training provision through a reengagement programme. 




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Our academies are on a journey to outstanding. We're now looking to support more schools in the region to elevate standards and transform the outcomes of every child.


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