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WRAT CPD Blog – Vulnerable Groups and Co-professionals

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Nicola Widnall, Trust Vice-Principal, provides some perspectives on our CPD programmes focusing on Vulnerable Groups and working with Co-professionals.

Vulnerable Groups Development

Our colleagues gathered together for our Vulnerable Groups CPD strand which broadened our thinking and provided many points to reflect on.

Lee Garner, Trust Associate Assistant Principal, recorded an amazing Zoom session, showing the life of a child whose final educational destination was alternative provision. This session allowed us to see that the sooner we put in interventions, the more likely our children will have success in mainstream education with improved life chances.

Stef Precious, Behaviour Modification Leader at Leeds East Academy, delivered two sessions.

The first session focused around working with outside agencies and the launch of the A-Z of services for families and young people, a working document that highlights services in all areas to support the people of Leeds.

This session was incredibly insightful. Colleagues shared their vast experience, and we were able to see how these working relationships have blossomed over the years with the introduction of restorative approaches and Rethink Formulation. We were able to discuss how we can make these relationships more successful, and ways in which we can track impact on a wider scale.

Our next session focused on Restorative Approaches and received some fantastic feedback from a colleague who put in place strategies the next day. She stated that she ‘found the sessions really useful’ and that ‘it definitely helped’ to manage a class that had been previously quite challenging.

The session helped us to look at the language we can use, and how small changes in the way we speak to our young people can make big differences, allowing us to remind about expectations (high challenge) whilst providing advice around work completed (high support).

Stef has been delighted to assist some of our new primary colleagues with behaviour modification strategies to manage specific scenarios and students - seeing a different setting and sharing ideas and stories was amazing, and she can’t wait to work with them further to help them share the amazing work they do with regards their vulnerable groups.

Finally, this last week we have been organising our next CPD session with the police! We are excited to highlight and share the work they do in the communities we serve, and the support that they can offer us so that we can work proactively to support our vulnerable young people prior to mistakes being made! We also look forward to a really fantastic session that highlights the Child Protection continuum from Mr Carey - given the new information in this area around teaching and learning, this will be a valuable session for all.

Co-Professionals Development

We are working hard to make sure that all colleagues in all of our teams have the same level of access to high quality professional learning opportunities.

Stef Precious has continued to share all training and developmental information that she researched, and we are pleased to see this element of our training offer grow and grow.

Stef has also been working with the Trust TLA links, who have providing a wealth of information they have gathered from the Area Team Leaders around the support and development opportunities our co-professional colleagues across the Trust would like to access. She continues to research and share this information, but if anyone would like access to training or development in a particular area please let your TLA link know or email Stef Precious directly so that we can source this for you.

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