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At the Halfway Point!

I am over halfway through my placement working for the White Rose Academies Trust as Business and Marketing Officer and I cannot believe how fast the past seven months have gone by. My professional and personal growth since starting my placement is definitely more evident in my work now and I often like to reflect on the amount my skill set, and confidence has developed since I started in September.

Recently I have been working on various projects, but I have been focusing on the White Rose Academies Trust Alumni Group project which I was assigned at the start of my placement. I have been doing more in-depth research into other alumni groups to get some ideas for what benefits we would like to offer our WRAT Alumni members when the group is fully up and running. I have also been working with the team to come up with ideas for a White Rose Academies Trust Alumni website and newsletter. Once the WRAT Alumni group is fully formed, one of the mains aspects will be events which I am extremely excited to start planning once we are able to do so. I have been brainstorming a couple of ideas for the first few events to be held for the WRAT Alumni and I am excited for this as it will give me the opportunity to test my organisational and planning skills on a grander scale and in a new way.

In the past few months I have also been involved in the recruitment process of two new Trust Team members. I really enjoyed being a part of this as it was a great insight into all the steps that go into recruiting new employees from creating the job advert, to shortlisting and right the way through to interviews and hiring. I am very glad that I got the opportunity to be a part of this process as I think it is very useful to see recruitment from an employer’s perspective as well as the perspective of an employee applying for a job and I know that I will be able to use everything I learnt during the process in the future at various points throughout my career.

In the coming months I will be completing my AGILE Project Management course which I am very excited about and I will also be working at one of the Trust’s academies for a six-week period shadowing colleagues in different roles which I am eager to do as it will give me the opportunity to see a different side of the Trust and learn even more skills and how to relate these skills to different roles.

I have been involved in many other projects since starting my placement and I am excited to see what other amazing things I will be given the opportunity to do as my placement progresses!




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