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Growing in confidence

I have worked for the White Rose Academies Trust for just over two months now and I have already seen a massive change in my confidence at, and my approach to, work. I have been tasked with a wide variety of projects and jobs so each day working for the Trust is different and provides a new challenge which I find exciting and engaging.

The variety of work I have been doing since I joined the Trust has given me the opportunity to learn many new skills and work with a range of different people. I did not think I would find a placement that gave me such diversity in my day to day work and I am glad I have chosen to work with the White Rose Academies Trust as I can already tell this is going to be a great experience for me.

Each week I have the opportunity to sit in on many important meetings with senior colleagues including the Executive Principal, the Principal’s from the three academies and the CEO. I find it very beneficial sitting in on these meetings as it allows me to develop my understanding and knowledge of different aspects of business. I have also had the opportunity to experience supporting in a Personal Assistant capacity for a day at Leeds West Academy. This was a completely new role for me but this opportunity briefly opened my eyes to the responsibilities of a PA and what they do day-to-day which I found interesting and enjoyable also.

During my time here I have been given the responsibility of Project Co-ordinator for the upcoming WRAT Alumni Group project which is a huge project that is certainly going to test my organisational and managerial skills. I am excited to be a part of this project as when it is completed it will be an amazing thing to be a part of and a huge achievement when the group is fully up and running. Also I am pleased to share that I have been appointed as Project Co-ordinator for the LAPA Group meetings and will be working with Lee Garner, Trust Associate Assistant Principal.

I have already learnt and been involved in so much during my first two months working for the Trust and I am eager to see what the next few months bring!



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