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Coming to the end of my Apprenticeship

Hello, I am back!

I hope you are all well. It has been quite a while since I have done a blog. Ever since March 2020 it has been a rollercoaster due to the Coronavirus and all that it has entailed. During the period of national lockdown, I was able to support staff in a variety of ways and I enjoyed being a key member of staff during this time. I was able to assist in the preparation and distribution of home learning packs for the students, that could not access online learning.

Due to the new rules and regulations of COVID – 19, the school has had to take a lot of safety precautions. It has been inspiring to see how staff and students have confidently adjusted to the social distancing one-way system around the school and the other precautionary measures that are in place. I am grateful to have received my own White Rose Academies Trust mask which is purple! One of my favourite colours.

Another task for my colleague and I was to keep the office nice and tidy and organised, e.g. deliveries that come on that day must be taken to the correct place, also must be written done where they had got delivered to. This continues to help us keep a clear record of where the deliveries have gone.

I am currently coming to the end of my Level 3 Business Administration Apprenticeship at Leeds City Academy and writing this blog has made me realise how fast it has come around, as I started in April 2019. I have developed so many skills and talents as well as learning/studying for the end point of my assessment.

As I currently work in a secondary school, I have come to realise how much dedication and effort is shown by all staff behind the scenes e.g. one small task of printing school letters takes a lot of time and collaboration within the admin team. I am happy to work within such a great team that are very supportive and great to work with.



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