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Becoming an Intern at The White Rose Academies Trust

Amy Armstrong, University Student, has joined The White Rose Academies Trust on her one year University Industrial Placement. Amy has already begun working closely with the Trust CEO and the Head of Communications and Projects, as a key member of the Central Trust team; read Amy's first blog below:

Hi, my name is Amy Armstrong and I am joining the Trust following my second year at Newcastle University, studying English Literature. I have chosen to do a placement year as part of my degree and I am lucky enough to have been successful in securing an industrial placement with the White Rose Academies Trust as Business and Marketing Officer. The application process for this particular role included writing a two-page letter explaining my suitability for the role and why the Trust should choose me. This was followed by a virtual interview with a panel which included the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Financial Officer and other members of the Central Trust team. I was also asked to complete assessed tasks that related to the role.

I have always had an interest in business and more recently marketing, so when I was offered the job I was ecstatic as out of all the placements I had looked into this was the one I was hoping to be offered. The opportunities that the placement offers and the variety of work it involves really appealed to me as I don’t yet know exactly where I want to go in my career, but I know that this placement will give me insight into all areas of business from event planning and project management to accountancy and HR and hopefully shed some light on what I am best suited to in the world of business. The vast range of opportunities and experiences that I will be exposed to whilst working in the Trust will put me in good stead for the future and enable me to achieve things that I may not have had the chance to with other organisations.

My first week working in the Trust has been great. I have met the Central Trust Team and everyone is extremely friendly and welcoming, I am looking forward to working with everyone even more now. I have been set various tasks from making calls to Trust Student Leadership Group members to check up on them during this time of change and uncertainty, to contacting companies about donations for the academies so that we can further support our students and their families whilst following social distancing guidelines. I have also been informed this week that the White Rose Academies Trust are giving me the opportunity to complete the AGILE Project Management course as a part of my placement, this is very exciting as project management is one of the main areas of interest for me and I know it will open many doors for me. I am eager for the coming weeks and delighted to have been selected for this opportunity to learn new skills and grow as an individual within the White Rose Academies Trust.



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