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Next Chapter - 'Once White Rose, Always White Rose.' 


We were delighted to welcome Daniel, alumni member, into Leeds City Academy to meet with Mr Whitaker, CEO, and Mr Chattoe, Principal of Leeds City Academy.

It was a joy to see Daniel, LCA alumni member, meet with Mr Whitaker, Mr Chattoe and other trust colleagues at Leeds City Academy. 

Daniel has left Year 11 and is now preparing for the next chapter in his life. Daniel said "Thank you to everyone at Leeds City Academy. It is a wonderful school that feels like home and every student turns into something special."


"I would like to thank Mr Whitaker as he has given me great advice that will benefit me a lot in life. One of my favourite memories from school is going to London as a Trust Student Leader. It was my first time in London and I really enjoyed the experience."  

Mr Whitaker, CEO, commented ‘It was wonderful to speak with Daniel and hear about his preparations for the next chapter in his life. Daniel is a talented young man both in the classroom and on the football pitch. I admire the passion and resilience Daniel has demonstrated during his time at Leeds City Academy. I hope these football boots act as a reminder of Daniel's time at the trust. Remember Daniel, 'Once White Rose, Always White Rose’."

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