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WRAT CPD – Aspiring Leaders’ Session Two

On Wednesday 23rd March, colleagues from across the WRAT joined Katie Wylde for the second session of the trust’s Aspiring Leaders’ programme.

In this collaborative and reflective workshop, participants built on skills covered in the first session, exploring how to overcome pitfalls and maximise opportunities for effective outcomes.

The EEF ‘Guide to Implementation’ is an integral thread running throughout each session and where the first workshop focussed on the ‘Explore’ and ‘Prepare’ phases, this session developed Aspiring Leaders’ knowledge of how to effectively ‘Deliver’ whilst also considering the best evaluative methods and tools to measure impact. Alongside the EEF model, Katie has explored Kotter’s 8-step ‘Model of Change’ with participants and has heard how they have been creating, communicating and empowering others to act on their vision and strategy.

Aspiring Leaders also continued to explore their own leadership styles through the use of ‘True Colours’ where this session’s focus was to build on existing knowledge of their primary ‘colour’ identified in the first workshop. Colleagues were asked to consider what happens when their ‘colours’ fade and how this can be perceived by others, as well as to discuss whether or not they felt their primary ‘colour’ had changed as a result of their leadership so far. There were some interesting discoveries and revelations through such reflection.

As a qualified BASIC Coach and Assessor, Katie has carried out one-to-one coaching sessions with colleagues outside of both workshops and has introduced extended leadership materials (including the trust’s ‘Leadership Matters’ subscription) to provide a forum for participants to receive bespoke guidance on their progress to date. She has been thrilled by the dedication and commitment of colleagues who have made remarkable progress with both the process and the outcome of their individual leadership projects.

Katie is really excited about the third session in June, where the focus will be on reviewing the leadership skills each participant has developed, as well learning how to present project findings and exploring the ‘Sustain’ phase of the EEF Model.

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