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White Rose Alumni Stories - Hannah

“My time at my academy prepared me for the world, so I could help fix its flaws”

Hannah Yeboach talks about her time at Leeds City Academy and how it prepared her to stand up for good causes.

“Beginning at Leeds City Academy (LCA) was the start of my journey to UK. I had moved from Italy in 2015 and joined the academy in Year 7.

“Being a shy girl, as well as knowing little English, meant it was hard settling in at first. But after all the time at LCA I would not change a thing. LCA not only helped me with my English (I achieved a grade 8 in my GCSEs!) - but the academy helped me realise how I want to be the next Rosa Parks standing up for myself and what is right.

“I discovered my passion for the legal sector with the help of one of my favourite teachers, Mrs Allchin. After many Citizenship lessons, I realised I wanted to help for a good cause like the late Martin Luther King and stand up for justice for people in need like the late Steven Lawrence.

“LCA prepared me for the world so I could help fix its flaws. With all the help I received from every single teacher, I will forever be grateful and that makes them all my favourite teachers because they pushed me to my full potential.

“Mr Chandrapala and Mr Wilks were always there to encourage me and help me stand up again. I additionally even got a bursary to attend The Grammar School at Leeds where I studied psychology, sociology, politics and business.

“I do not know what the future has in stored for me at this institution, but I know it is going to be the most adventurous time of my life, which I will cherish forever.

“Right now, I am focused on getting into a Russel group University to study law, I am also pursuing my dance career as an afro-beat dancer. I aspire to be like Ruth Bader Ginsburg and try making a change.”




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