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LCSG Member Feature: Freedom4Girls

Updated: Jun 1, 2022


Freedom4Girls is a charity with the ambitious aim of combatting period poverty and supporting those who menstruate in a variety of creative and forward-thinking ways. They provide period products to those who need them in Leeds, West Yorkshire, other regions of the UK, Kenya, and Uganda.

Their philosophy is based on what they term the ‘toxic trio’ of period poverty: 1) the cost of menstrual products, 2) a lack of education around periods and menstrual health, and 3) the shame, stigma and taboo associated with menstruation.

Because of this, they do much more than distribute period products to those who need them. Freedom4Girls values menstrual health and empowerment education; in fact, Freedom4Girls have worked directly with our own Empower students on breaking the taboo of menstruation, and regularly host reusable pad sewing workshops.

They have also facilitated a ‘pen-struation pal’ scheme between UK and Ugandan based schools, matching a student from the UK with a student in Uganda. The students are encouraged to talk openly about their experiences of adolescence in the hopes that open conversations about menstruation are normalised.

We are very grateful to Freedom4Girls for the work they have done with our schools, and you can read more about their work here.

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