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International Women's Day 2022

We asked our staff about women who inspire them...

Miss Pickles, Leeds West Academy - "My inspirational woman is Diane Abbott because she was the first black female MP in the UK and is still a serving MP to this day. Over the course of her career, she has tirelessly fought for equality for minorities and those without a voice. One of her most famous quotes is ‘The people I despise the most are those that have no values’ which I think is important because we should all have things we believe in and stand for."

Mr Emmett, Alder Tree Primary - "Eta James was an American blues and soul singer born in 1938. I am inspired by Eta as she has a unmistakable voice which conveys the struggles she faced during her life. The passion and feeling in her songs such as 'I'd rather go Blind' are truly breathtaking."

Miss Neve, White Rose Academies Trust - "I am inspired by Delia Larkin, one of my ancestors. After doing some digging into the family tree, I found that my family originated in Ireland before moving to Liverpool. On International Women’s Day, I would like to remember my ancestor, Delia Larkin, who was a journalist, activist, and founder of the Irish Women Workers Union. Delia spent her life fighting for worker’s and women’s rights. I am inspired by her as she always stood up for her beliefs even in the face of adversity, always placing social justice at the heart of her actions."

Miss Pearce, Leeds West Academy - "Lady Constance Lytton inspires me because She risked her life for Women's Suffrage rights. Lytton went to prison on multiple occasions and suffered horrendous consequences including force-feeding under a fake name and persona to hide her upper-class background to ensure she did not receive any special treatment."

Mr Kyle, Leeds East Academy - "My mum inspires me as she was the first member of my family to go to university (she attended the prestigious Queen's University in Belfast to study Mathematics and Physics). She was also almost a full time caregiver for my grandmother while simultaneously working in a senior role in the Public Prosecution Service, which itself brought high levels of stress and time commitments. I am in awe of her resilience, hard work, ambition and patience."

Ms Wood, Leeds City Academy - "I am inspired by Vanessa Nakate, a Ugandan climate activist whose challenged some of the world's most powerful companies and governments over their damaging environmental policies. She rose to prominence through her protests against deforestation in Congo's rainforest and her social media campaigns are now global with thousands of people around the world taking part to raise environmental issues in their own country. She encourages young people to raise awareness of climate change and has gathered a huge following in doing so; despite facing backlash against her background and gender."

Miss Milton, Alder Tree Primary - "Serena Williams inspires me and I believe she continuously inspires people all around the world whether that is in sports, communities or within culture. I have chosen Serena as my inspirational woman because I am massively into sports. Growing up around Serena's success, inspired me to never give up even when I found things challenging!"

Mr Ellis-Hambley, White Rose Academies Trust - "Sharon Kwan aka FrostedSnow inspires me. Sharon Kwan is a Korean gunpla builder. Her approach to customisation is really interesting, super detailed and refined, she always does something a bit different and takes you through how she achieves the effects and techniques really clearly. Every time I see one of her videos or posts it just makes me want to go and work on improving my skills and builds even more (or get some amazing food!). In a largely male-dominated hobby, she stands out as having a real skill, passion and investment in the craft.

Mr Parker, Leeds West Academy - "Paige Buckley inspires me as she battled gender stereotypes in a male dominated industry to become a Medical Engineer at Depuy Synthes, having received her Masters Degree from the University of Leeds."

Ms Rashid, Leeds East Academy - "Khadija Bint Khuwaylid (born in 55AD). The first lady of Islam and the wife of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) inspires me.

"Khadija is an example of a strong, independent Muslim woman who goes against all the stereotypes and misconceptions of today’s Muslim women. Not only was she a successful entrepreneur, but she also defied other stereotypes by declaring her interest in marriage, continuing to work during marriage and was financially successful/independent."

Mr Barber, Leeds City Academy - "A woman who inspires me is Erykah Badu, as in her lyrics she has continually challenged ideas around race, religion, poverty, sexism, and cultural identity. Her music has inspired people and countless musicians from the 90's to today."




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