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Hopeful, Grateful and United

'After hopelessness, there is so much hope and after darkness, there is the much brighter sun’. -Rumi

Looking back, just a few months ago work deadlines and to-do lists seemed so trivial. The worries I had then seem like a much wanted distraction from the worries facing us today. As an NQT this is the last thing I expected, I was sure I would complete this year evidencing all the standards and showing great progress from the previous term. I was sure like many other beginner teachers it would be a straight forward process, meetings with my mentor, observations and completing the relevant documentation. Although the expectations to evidence the standards still remains the same, I may find it a bit difficult evidencing Teaching Standard 7!

Such unprecedented times we are experiencing. In the face of fear, uncertainty and terrible upheaval we are still a sanctuary for our most vulnerable students and beyond that the communities we serve. We are the foundations for society. Without strong foundations buildings collapse, metaphorically we are a foundation for the true real-heroes enabling them to continue their duty. There are many- supermarket workers who relentlessly ensure that we don’t run out of food, charities providing food to the most vulnerable, the emergency services keeping us safe and most importantly the doctors, nurses, admin, cleaners and all the others who contribute in caring for our sick.

How much I took for granted! I absolutely cannot wait to hug my mum and dad (my biggest blessings in life) knowing that I’m no longer a potential detriment to their health or them to mine. It is the littlest things I took for granted that had the biggest impact on me without knowing. Firstly, hugging my friends, family and my colleagues (yes I’m a hugger and they can absolutely vouch for this!) Secondly, having a coffee with company. Thirdly, being able to see my best friend’s new born baby for the first time and appreciating new life and the different stages of life we will all pass through. Lastly, not having a three year old constantly demanding my undivided 100% attention-especially when having a zoom departmental meeting!

But despite all this I have learnt so much about human nature and as always a lot about myself. We are kind, we are grateful, we are humble and we are resilient like we have never known resilience! We have given the above adjectives more meaning than ever. We still manage to wake up and smile for those who we love, we FaceTime to stay in touch, we take the time to check in on our neighbours, our friends and our family. We make sure that they know we are there for them.

This will be a time when future generations will be taught how the world came to an unprecedented standstill. They will discuss how everything closed, people were made to stay indoors, isolated, but despite this we didn’t allow anyone to feel alone. We stood hopeful, grateful and united despite everything that is different about us. There was a consensus like never before-an unbreakable spirit. We believed and lived in the belief, the mantra; together we can and together we will.



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