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Half Term 5

In her tenth blog, Emily continues to write about her placement as she comes to the end of Half Term 5:

Three Ofsted inspections in just five weeks!

This half term has been the craziest term yet. We have enjoyed Ofsted inspections at all three of our academies - Leeds East Academy first followed by Leeds West Academy and last but not least, Leeds City Academy. I thoroughly enjoyed working very closely with the Senior Leaders during all three of the two day inspections. I have learnt so much in such a short space of time and can honestly say that when the first call was received I was quite nervous but by the third one, I felt prepared and excited for getting stuck in to achieving the outcome which was so well deserved.

"During the twelve months whilst I have worked for the Trust it has been amazing to see the progression throughout all three of the academies."

I am totally confident that with the outstanding leadership and the amazing colleagues within the Trust, that each academy will definitely reach their 2025 vision of all being judged as Outstanding by Ofsted, if not even becoming World Class schools.

Since my last blog I have completed various different projects, including been deployed from the Trust to work full time at Leeds East Academy, this was for a 6 week period. Whilst deployed at LEA, I worked very closely with the Principal and Academy Business Manager, helping with different projects including; producing a Transition Guide for the new Year 7 cohort of new students starting in September 2019; setting up and organising meetings; taking care of various recruitment duties including arranging teacher interview days; organising the Year 11 Prom and also providing support to the Administration team. I really enjoyed my time at Leeds East Academy, learning with more depth about the running of a school and also working with colleagues in different roles to the Trust staff.

Now back working in the Trust I am currently working on numerous projects which I am honoured to have been asked to manage by the Executive Principal:

  • The organising and planning of the new Trust Student Leadership Group for the 2019/20 academic year. This has included creating a presentation with the Executive Principal, to be presented to 40 students from each academy who have been chosen by Senior Leaders as students who they believe deserve a place on this prestigious group.

  • Reflection of Year Three event. The organising and planning of the Reflection event has begun and this year there will be two separate events. One for Board members, Governors, and then a second main event to which all staff from across The White Rose Academies Trust are invited.

  • Book Scrutiny. I have worked closely with an English Consultant, Board member and other key colleagues from across the Trust and carried out various student book reviews.

  • Ofsted Preparation and inspections.

  • Recruitment process for the new Undergraduate Placement role who will be starting next month. I will be training two new colleagues who will take over from me when I return to University for my final year. I can definitely say that they are in for a treat and will learn more than they could ever imagine working for this amazing, ambitious and caring Trust.​

A little down time during Spring break and then back to an exciting and very busy Summer term. I am excited for what the next few weeks will bring but also sad to be coming closer to the end of my fantastic placement.



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