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Facing deadlines

In his second blog, Ethan writes about experiences from his Business Officer Apprenticeship at Leeds East Academy:

September is over. I hadn’t fully appreciated the amount of work that goes on at the beginning of the school year however now it is clear that there is an endless amount. I have been kept busy with finance, admin and data tasks. There is a clear drive that Leeds East Academy are striving for that “Outstanding” Ofsted Status. How do I play a part in this incredible vision?​

Over the past couple of weeks the data team (of which I'm a part) have been faced with a couple of deadlines. I have been able to develop my existing excel skills as well as learn how to use data software such as SIMS and SISRA. I have been able to play an active role in the business displaying my strong work ethic of which others have taken notice. The praise and recognition of senior leaders is a great way to build confidence in an individual. I However, when we find comfort there are challenges not too far away.

"I hadn't fully appreciated the amount of work that goes on at the beginning of the school year..."​

I faced a humbling experience that I was able to find great learning from. I had made an error in the processing of a number of invoices which had cause problems when it came to paying the invoices. I felt awful that I had caused so many problems but having realised that mistakes are how we learn I have moved forward with increased knowledge and skills to progress in my role processing orders and invoices.​

While I still have much to learn, I have gained much understanding from this experience, not only about the ‘how’ of processes but also the ‘why’ of them.

So how do I play a part in this incredible LEA vision? I am constantly part of this vision doing my very best learning and improving.


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