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The operational side of Education

In his second blog, Tom writes about experiences from his Business Officer Apprenticeship, as a key member of the Admin team at Leeds East Academy:

I have now worked at Leeds East Academy for four months and I have enjoyed coming to know a lot more about how the academy is run and the operational side of education.

As I have gained more experience, I have been given greater responsibility within the office. Recently I have been working on Family Dining and ensuring that family lunch runs smoothly so that the students can get the most from it. In order to do this I have created a system, which allows me to track how much is spent on Family Dining, and then I can evaluate the best way to improve this experience.

"As I have gained more experience, I have been given greater responsibility within the office."

The past few weeks, I have been covering the reception desk. This experience has helped me to better understand the best way to communicate with parents alongside developing my ability to multitask. This role kept me on my feet and helped me quickly learn more about who to speak to when people ring or visit the academy with different queries.

When I come into the Academy each morning, I anticipate that my day will not be the same as the day before, answering the phones and helping others in my office usually ensures my days are busy and varied. Those I work with are a great influence in making sure we all have a great day in the office and feel supported in our workloads. Morale is rarely low and quickly picked back up if it ever is.

Since the beginning of the new academic year, my manager has encouraged each member of our team to gain experience in the different roles in the office. This will be beneficial as if colleagues are on leave then we are able to make sure that any problems they would have faced, or tasks that need completing, are seen to so the team still functions smoothly.

I certainly have become more confident in the roles and responsibilities of my job role and I am excited to see what the next few weeks will bring.



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