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On the job and off the job training

In his fourth blog, Tom writes about experiences from his Business Officer Apprenticeship, as a key member of the Admin team at Leeds East Academy:

Last week I found out that it has been confirmed that I can start my apprenticeship course. This was great news to hear at the beginning of last week!

This half term I have been trusted with more responsibility, which has resulted in the need for me to find more innovative ways to face problems and daily tasks. Mock exam season also begun last week so now I have had to find ways to effectively use the time I have in between invigilating exams and covering classes/reception where necessary.

Over these past few weeks, I have been able to come up with new ways to tackle the jobs that were taking up my day to ensure that they are done more efficiently, such as tracking payments for Family dining.

Organising my apprenticeship has also been a learning experience for myself, as I have had to be in contact with multiple companies and weigh up the pros and cons of each course to make the best decision.

Over my first six months in this role, I have learnt so much and now feel confident enough in the workplace to use my initiative and help the Academy work as efficiently as possible.



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