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Growing in confidence

The White Rose Academies Trust are excited to introduce Kavita Panesar as Leeds City Academy's Business Admin Apprentice. Kavita will be writing about experiences from working at Leeds City Academy within the Admin team; read Kavita's second blog below:

Seven months ago, I began working at Leeds City Academy. The past couple of weeks I have been covering student reception. Having the opportunity to be based at student reception really opened my eyes to how lucky we are to have so many fun, vibrant and happy students at Leeds City Academy.

As a key member of the admin team, I try my best to help Ms Marks and Ms Maw to ensure we work as a team. More recently, I have been asked to cover main reception for a few hours a day.

"This has enabled me to grow in confidence as I meet and greet visitors, parents and other staff members from across the Trust."

Last week I had the chance to meet with my college assessor to discuss the progress I have made with my college work and how I feel in my workplace. Completing my course as well as working is very beneficial as I am able to use what I am learning to complete the tasks given to me to a higher standard. I was challenge by my assessor to keep a diary log of tasks and jobs I do each day. I feel this will help me reflect on my ability to multi task and prioritise, as well as giving me a focus for my next blog.

The past few weeks I have been working closely with Mrs Marks on facility hire at LCA. I have learnt about the lettings the school advertise, and which activities happen after school. Mrs Marks has helped me to understand the facilities booking system and the correct procedures to follow.

This week I have been given the chance to work with the SEN department, to give them a hand with day to day tasks. I do enjoy working with the different departments during the weekday as each day is different and my workload is varied. I can’t wait to see how my week turns out as I have various tasks to do.



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