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Large Projects and Greater Responsibility

Hannah Moore, University Student, has joined The White Rose Academies Trust on her one year University Industrial Placement. Hannah will be working closely with the Executive Principal and the Head of Communications and Projects, as a key member of the Central Trust team; read Hannah's second blog below:

I have been working at The White Rose Academies Trust as Business and Marketing Officer for three months now and looking back at when I first started, I have definitely come a very long way. I am a lot more confident in my work and when liaising with both colleagues and students. My responsibilities within the Trust have also increased as leaders’ confidence in my abilities has also grown.

My time so far with the Trust has seen me lead on many different tasks and large, important projects which has developed my skill set and widened my knowledge enormously.

"My responsibilities within the Trust have also increased as leaders’ confidence in my abilities has also grown."

My marketing experience developed over the summer when I was given the responsibility (along with other members of my team) to take control of the social media accounts of the academies within the Trust, over the GCSE results period. This gave me very good knowledge and understanding of successful marketing and the public relations involved with communicating with stakeholders over social media. This was both a very exciting time for the students but also for myself to further develop my skills and apply my university studies of marketing to my role.

The Trust Student Leadership Group is also a large part of my role, this involves exceptional students from across the Trust with whom we have monthly meetings. TSLG is a very rewarding scheme to be a part of, it is wonderful the see the students who are very enthusiastic about their education. As part of my role I help to organise events for the TSLG students, I liaise with many external groups to create exciting opportunities for the students over the course of the year.

Over the past few months I have been very closely involved in a Trust expansion project, resulting in key communications with both internal and external colleagues. This work has given me a great insight into the developments and the future of the Trust and provided me with the opportunity to develop key documents and expand my understanding of the education sector. This project involved working with a former Education Advisor for the Department for Education which has provided me with invaluable knowledge. I have found my work around the expansion of the Trust both interesting and very rewarding whilst also developing my skill set in creating official documents whilst also keeping to a strict deadline.

In the coming weeks I will be working on Trust CPD, organising meetings, training sessions, the production of relevant training materials/documents, whilst liaising with many colleagues at all different levels across the Trust, thus increasing my networking opportunities.

My next assigned project further involves me in the future growth of the Trust and I am very excited to see where this will take me!



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