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First Executive Principal's Employee of the Month Award

Hannah Moore, University Student, has joined The White Rose Academies Trust on her one year University Industrial Placement. Hannah will be working closely with the Executive Principal and the Head of Communications and Projects, as a key member of the Central Trust team; read Hannah's third blog below:

For the month of September 2019, I was presented with the first ever Executive Principal’s Employee of the Month Award, for which I was extremely proud and honoured. It is very rewarding for my work with the Trust to be acknowledged at such a high level, this recognition reminds me of how wonderful the opportunity is for me to be working within the Trust whilst I am on my Industrial Placement from university.

As part of my work within trust-wide expansion projects, this month I was invited, along with key senior colleagues from across the Trust, to attend a work related trip to London. Attending an event with the Executive Principal, Chief Financial Officer, Trust - Vice Principal and the Principal of Leeds West Academy was a brilliant learning experience. This gave me the opportunity to not only see the big city but also gain the experience of interacting in the corporate environment of Education. Being invited to attend such high level events and meetings allows me to relate my work within the Trust back to my university studies and understand the attributes to being a Chief Officer within an organisation and how these colleagues conduct in the corporate setting.

My continued work with trust-wide CPD (Continuous Professional Development) is continuing to improve my organisational skills when co-ordinating large groups within the academy. Although the initial arrangements for sessions may have started off a little bit bumpy for me, I now feel that I am much more organised and prepared in advance of the start of each meeting. I find it extremely rewarding when colleagues from across the trust are able to hold events and meetings which the team I work in have organised.

The acknowledgement of my work across the trust is very rewarding and is something that pushes me to continue my development in my role as I become ever more comfortable in the work that I am doing and the progression I am proudly experiencing already within my role.



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