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Agile Project Management Course

Hannah Moore, University Student, has joined The White Rose Academies Trust on her one year University Industrial Placement. Hannah will be working closely with the Executive Principal and the Head of Communications and Projects, as a key member of the Central Trust team; read Hannah's fourth blog below:

One of the amazing things about my role here at the Trust is the opportunities I am given for my professional development. Last week I was given the opportunity to attend an Agile Project Management course, this was held in the city centre and was a brilliant opportunity to further development and widen my skill set.

Being able to learn a new approach to project management was very exciting, and I found the course very engaging and something that I will definitely be able to apply to my role here at the Trust. Not only did this give me the chance to learn a new approach to project management, but also network with other professionals. It was very interesting to understand other people’s roles who work in different industries, and how project management differs in every organisation. I feel that this understanding of different approaches and how others relate the same theory in different ways is very compelling.

This project management course will be very useful when I return to university for my final year, as this gives me a head start and a better understanding of business approach. This will be especially useful for my final year module ‘Business Strategy’, as I will be able to apply the Agile Project Management skills to my learning.

Whilst it was daunting at first as I have little project management experience, I felt that I picked up the content of the course quite quickly and my understanding of the work built up as the week went on.

The next step within my project management course is to sit the practitioner exam, which will give me a formal qualification in Agile Project Management. So wish me luck!



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