Isaac Bentley


Isaac was born in Rotherham and lived there for 15 years before he moved to Leeds for college. Isaac has always had an interest in Art and loves to draw.


When Isaac finished school he was unsure what career path to take, but his interest in art and computers helped direct his choice to do Graphic Design (a perfect mix of the two).


In 2016, Isaac applied to Leeds City College to study Graphic Design and he was accepted.

Whilst studying at college, Isaac did three live projects that were displayed around the campuses, which was a fantastic way to acknowledge all of his hard work. Isaac left college

 Merit, Merit, Pass in Graphic Design.


After college, Isaac could not find a career opportunity that suited what he wanted to do and his current skills. Therefore, Isaac chose to do some volunteering and spent a short time doing freelance work,.


In June 2018, Isaac was offered an amazing opportunity at The White Rose Academies Trust. Isaac was appointed as the Junior Graphic Designer, with a sponsored degree starting in September 2018. He has been involved in a wide variety of projects during the short time he has been working in the Trust, continuing to develop his skills.