Holly Kirk

Holly W headshot.jpg

Holly lives in Ulleskelf with her husband Taylor and currently enjoys discovering the best walks around the area. She studied at Garforth Academy, just a few minutes away from her family home.

Holly joined The White Rose Academies Trust in July 2018, after studying English Literature, Business, Health and Social Care, Core Maths and Physics at Garforth Academy Sixth-Form.

Holly began working at The White Rose Academies Trust as an Apprentice Business Officer, but after a successful interview in September 2018, Holly became the Digital Communications and Content Officer.

As part of her role, Holly is responsible for the academy’s social media accounts as well as the Trust social media accounts. She also works closely with the Trust’s Creative Lead & Visual Designer to ensure all websites are monitored and updated. As well as communicating with parents through the website and social media, each academy send letters home notifying parents of important events/trips etc. Holly is responsible for the quality assurance of these letters and works closely with the Principals to ensure messages are communicated effectively to parents.

Outside of work, Holly loves to spend time with her family, watch films and attend fitness classes in the local area. As funded by the Trust, Holly is currently a part time student at the University of Essex studying business and marketing.